SD-16 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe from So Danca

I love all this innovation in canvas ballet shoes that’s hitting the market!  In the canvas shoe category, my top three favorites (and yes, all will get discussed in this week’s postings) are the Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio 246/247, the Bloch Zenith, and the So Danca SD-16.  Since we will be speaking about the Body Wrappers shoes, the Capezio shoe, and the Bloch shoe all in the next few days, let’s talk about the SD-16.

So Danca SD16 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes

So Danca SD16 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes

The SD-16 is another beautiful stretch-canvas ballet shoe.  The canvas is stretchy (but seems like it has less compression than the Bloch Zenith), the arch is elastic, and the drawstring… wait… what drawstring?!  There’s no drawstring… just this wonderfully soft, elasticized casing?!  Ooooo and pre-sewn criss-cross elastics too?!  SIGN ME UP!!!!

Even better– the So Danca designers didn’t stop there!  They designed this shoe to streamline AND hug/emphasize your arch!  It’s pretty awesome.  From what I hear from customers —this shoe is comfortable, wears hard, looks AND feels simply divine on the foot, and is just a cool shoe!  This all-stretch shoe hugs growing feet enough to give some extra growing room too and still minimize the trip risk (seems to put some of the growing room to the heel which helps on the “trip-risk-ometer”… even though it’s not as pretty of a line).  Fully grown feet will appreciate the “ooooo….ahhhhh” factor of how streamlined it makes even the flattest foot look!

Fair warning—this shoe does seem to run a little narrow, but that could honestly be a visual illusion (yes-it’s that streamlined—that and I’ve really only had experience with the B width).  It comes in widths A –D and in kids 8 to adult 11 (so around a ladies’ 12.5 to 13) and in RY Pink (lighter peachy nice pretty pink—pretty standard here in the US) and black.

The SD 16 can be washed, though we suggest washing by hand and air drying.  It does come in pink, nude, black, and white and is proving to be a very popular shoe with professional dancers, both female and male.  Our own experience has been that it tends to size down more than a standard canvas shoe due to the stretch factor.  It also is turning out to be a very adaptable shoe width wise.  The only foot I have come across that is challenging it the “skinny minny”…….very narrow, very shallow.

To purchase these shoes, come into our store or buy online at our webstore here:  SD16

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