New Favorite Product! – Sweet Feet!

So we have a new favorite product.  Seriously!

As many mamas know first hand…. feet = stink!  Not just any stink but STANK!

This has been the only product we have found to work and work WELL!

Sweet Feet Spray

This product you can spray in your shoes or on your feet to get rid of STANK!

Sweet Feet

The BEST foot odor defeater!

It refreshes your feet after being in pointe shoes!  Keeps those jazz and tap shoes smelling at least decent!  And yes – the best shoes we’ve seen it used on?  TOMS and UGGS!  Many moms didn’t believe that it actually works…. until they try a friends or try it here at the store.  I’ve used it in my nice leather heels (feel great, look great, don’t smell so great heels), my kids shoes (because let’s face it – once they start walking…*ahem* running–odor quickly follows), and just about every leather good that starts smelling.  I sold a whole package of this stuff to a mom with softball-ers and baseball-ers for kids for them to use in their gloves (and shoes, but gloves worked too).

It comes in two scents – here’s how the company describes the scents:

The Black Label targets those dare devils that like to take extreme to a whole new level. It attracts those individuals that live active lifestyles for men and women. For an everlasting fresh scent that is guaranteed for your whole day.

The Pink Label focuses its attention to those hardworking soccer moms, children, families, and Guys with a taste for sweetness. It attracts individuals who have set goals with strong dedication and commitment into achieving those goals. Indulge in a long-lasting enhanced Jamaican plum sensation that’ll get you through your day odor free.

Black label has been used by just about everyone.  Pink label has been predominantly ladies (guys tend to gravitate to the black label – but we’ve had a lot of ladies love that scent too).  The only shoes we don’t recommend spraying this inside?  Pointe shoes (because of the composition of the shoes).

It’s only $7.95 here at the store – and it’s worth EVERY penny!

Moral of the story?  Get your Sweet Feet spray today and tell that STANK to “GO AWAY!”

The end of 2014….

So today is December 31, 2014.

Traditionally, this is a day I both love and loathe.

I love it because it means that a new fresh start is just around the corner. It’s a time for cleaning up and clearing out! Out with the old and in with the new! Time to move out inventory and start fresh!

However, I also loathe it – because of inventory. And price increases. With the exception of a few companies, we see the majority of the price increases happen in January–with many of them taking effect on Jan 1. Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, we’ll get the new price lists in and loaded the first part of December…. but that’s not always the case. We just got one of our new updated price lists this past week! And yes, you guessed it – it takes effect starting tomorrow! Not only do we get price lists this time of year (joy!), we also get drop/discontinueds lists. We usually get them concurrently, regardless of vendor (price lists & new stuff come out – old stuff gets cleared out), and regardless of the time of year.

So needless to say – here’s to typing in new prices, inventorying, and getting rid of the old stuff!

Check out some of these new(ly) marked down and discontinued items!
Glitter & Rhinestone hair pins. Bun bracelet. All were $8.00 now $4.00
Allegro Fake Bun Was $14. Now $9

Bunheads Allegro Fake Bun

Bunheads Allegro Fake Bun

Happy New Years Eve Eve Eve!

Today’s blog post is about some of the new changes we’re seeing in the dance apparel market over the past year.

First of all – lace. It’s HOT! And I don’t just mean tepid-bath-water hot—it’s lava-nuclear-reactor H.O.T! We haven’t been able to keep lace in stock and, while it’s pricey (because, well…. it’s LACE), it’s just so stunningly gorgeous, we just can’t resist it!

Second – we’re seeing an increase in “back to black” fashion. Less color, more black and pink. (Black and pink refers to the dress code – typically a black leotard and pink tights with pink ballet shoes). Industry-wide, this change means that we see much more innovative leotard and top designs to complement the only-color scheme rather than the multi-color schemes we’ve seen in the past.

Third – a tendency towards modesty. As a mom – I can only say “HALLELUJAH!” When I first opened the store 5 years ago, we had the booty short, the bitty booty short, and the ultra booty short. Same with bra tops. Now we’re seeing leggings, mid thigh shorts, high-waisted shorts, crop tops, and much more coverage in general. Interesting how the trend swung quickly in just a few years! I do *kinda* hope to see jazz pants and unitards making a comeback… but that’s probably just me.

Fourth – an increase in flowy tops with a bra or camisole top underneath. Back to when we opened a few years ago – it was “tight and snug” across the board. Now it’s “tight and snug for most classes, but warm ups don’t have to be snug”. But this has not crossed over yet to the serious students in ballet class – it’s still “tight and snug” for them.

Fifth – we’re seeing manufacturers start to really deliver products that are needed to the marketplace. Not just products or colors that are “neat but dumb”. Example – Bloch’s split sole combat boots. Makes perfect sense to have a well-constructed combat boot that has the split sole so it can actually move with the foot and not just be a clunker on the foot.

Sixth – okay, this is the last one and it’s not really a “hunky dory” item. We’ve seen some companies fall well behind on their stock, when they had been really good in the past. It’s also happened the other way too (bad companies get much better at stock). Strikes at the ports can be blamed for a good chunk of the supply issues, but it still stinks. Most retailers have (or should have) an acceptable alternate item or two to replace the item at issue however. So a little patience can go a very long way with stock issues.

Happy ending of 2014 and looking forward to writing more in 2015!

Interesting thought for the day…

Good Pre-Tax (US) day everyone!

Here’s an interesting thought for the day! Why have leather shoes gone up so much in price in just the past few years?  That Neoflex was $38.50 (MSRP) just a few years ago, and now it’s almost $40!

Well, you don’t have to look much further than your supermarket!  Noticed how much fresh beef has increased in price over the past few months?  Why?  (And no, it’s not just inflation at work).

According to major news sources, droughts (and other extreme weather) have pushed farmers to decrease the sizes of their herds.  Your first thought is probably “wait–what does weather and cattle have to do with each other?”.  It’s actually quite simple–everyone has to eat!  According to NPR:  “Because of the drought that has been battering much of Midwest cattle country for more than a year, there’s a smaller supply of hay and dense grasses. Ranchers are having a tough time finding feed, and when they do, it’s more expensive.” (NPR Why You’ll Be Paying More For Beef This Year).  

As a result, the law of supply and demand (remember your economics class?) takes over. What else goes up when the price of beef goes up? Leather.  Particularly, the past few weeks we have noticed an upward trend in beef/leather prices. The past few years, we (along with several manufacturers) were able to hold our prices down.  This year–we’ve already seen one price increase across the board on leather and really wouldn’t be surprised if we see another increase before the year is out.  Some companies, in an effort to keep prices down, now use pig leather instead of cow leather.

Now this doesn’t just affect your basic ballet shoes and jazz shoes–pointe shoes also have leather in them (in and on the soles).  Since it’s proportionally less material than the other shoes (although it’s thicker), we haven’t seen a huge increase in this…. yet.  Side note–pointe shoe prices typically increase more by the cost of labor and shipping than just about anything else.

Most likely, it will be a few years before we see any kind of reduction in the price of beef and leather.  Meaning those higher prices are here to stay unless we magically get more cattle overnight.  :-\

Have a great Monday all!

Also–definitely go read both the articles I used as references in this post.  They’re both well written and help to define the issue even further.

NPR article ( and the

LA Times article (,0,2966247.story#axzz2yrWJi1rS)


So… New Webstore!

Hi Folks!

Wow!  Had forgotten what it means when time gets away from you!


Well since we last posted in December 2013, we have upgraded to a bigger and better webstore!  YAY!!!

What this means for you?  More products, easier experience, and better service from us (we won’t get orders buried somewhere!).  :-)


We’ll get back to the promised product updates and reviews shortly!  Maybe even this evening!

Weekly Preview for December 8, 2013

HI folks!

Since it’s more than a little treacherous outside (think white, wet, cold, and frozen…. all forms), I’m staying inside and getting stuff done today!  :-)

I think this week I (Kat) will talk about the modern shoes and “contemporary” shoes.

We’ll cover:

-Capezio’s Footundeez line

-Danshuz’s Neoprenes

-Bloch’s Soleil line

-Dance Paws line

-Motionwear’s Dance Soles

-Body Wrappers Papillion

Have a great one friends!

Pillows For Pointe Feet Care Set

Okay… this snow has gotten me off schedule–so I apologize for the delay in posts.  I am trying to get caught back up today while the kids nap. :-D

This post is all about Pillow’s lovely foot care set (yes–you can buy the items separately if you need to refill a single item).  This foot care set contains a foot scrub, a foot lotion, a foot talc, and a lip balm all packaged in one of their mesh mini-pillowcases.

Pillows Body Care Set

Pillows Body Care Set

The foot scrub is a 2.75oz bottle of feel-good-awesomeness!  This scrub contains crushed apricot (not sure if it’s the pulp or pit though.  Will need to follow up on that… but I *think* its both….) suspended in this lovely mix of jojoba oil and aloe vera.  It’s designed to reduce rough and dry skin.  Think exfoliation for your feet! $4 retail.

The foot lotion is also 2.75oz and feels “ahhh–mazing” on tired and achy feet.  It’s got that refreshingly-tingly peppermint and eucalyptus oils in it.  So…. gives you that Icy-Hot tingles without as much of the burn.  From personal experience–this stuff feels great on sore feet!!  Also a $4 retail.

The foot talc is great if you have sweaty feet or shoes that just *love* to soak up odor.  It’s a nice compliment to the scrub and lotion.  Especially useful in the summer when you’re trying to get stubborn shoes to go on and stay on.  Also useful for cutting down on the friction that’s generated when your feet get too sweaty in shoes.  Just a slight sprinkle is all you really need.  $3.50 at retail.

The last item in the set is a lip balm.  The lip balm is a very smooth, wax based balm that just glides on your lips.  Great for those rehearsals where you’re breathing hard (and working hard) and your lips get really dry because of it.  $3.50 retail.

If you get the set–those 4 items come packaged in one of pillows “mini-case”.  It’s a mini-mesh bag that holds all four items.  This is perfect for throwing in as a stocking stuffer or simply not getting lost in your dance bag!  The mesh case means you can take it in with you to shower (if you chose to shower at your studio or such) and then it just lets everything air dry.  We’ve known a few folks who take out the lip balm and talc and end up putting in travel sizes of their favorite shampoo and soap.  So now all they take in is this little bag, change of clothes, and a towel.  Seriously–would be great for a trip or at a competition.  The whole set retails at $15.

If you’d like to purchase them—please visit us in our store or in our webstore here.

Please note—while we do our best, we do not always have in-stock all items offered, but can easily order those that we do not have.


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